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Joint Aid (Guggulu) Herbal Supplement - Joint Health and Flexibility Support | All Natural 60 Vegan Tablets 500mg | Proprietary Herbal Blend

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Ayurveda Natural Ingredients | Improves overall health and quality of life 

Joint-aid (or guggulu) helps remove toxins from the body and improves overall joint health and flexibility. It may also be beneficial in providing relief from arthritis, hyper-cholesterol, debility, and diabetes. Guggulu also helps in cases of endometritis, gout, hemorrhoids and is fat reducing.

  • Helps nourish and strengthen the musculoskeletal system
  • Supports movement in painful and dry joints
  • Naturally promotes the elimination of toxins

It also helps balance the vata (air) dosha which causes much of the dry joint pain in the body.

Each capsule contains an herbal blend of 29 essential herbs and minerals to support the movement of dry joints.

 *Persons with known medical condition, those who are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, should consult their physician before taking herbal supplements.

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