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Holy Basil (Tulsi) Herbal Supplement - Natural Anxiety and Immunity Support | All Natural 60 Vegan Tablets 500mg

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Ayurveda Natural Ingredients | Improves overall health and quality of life 

Did you know that Holy Basil has been a popular Ayurvedic medicinal herb for thousands of years in traditional Asian and Indian medicine? Our 500 mg capsules contain 300 mg Holy Basil extract (whole plant) and 200 mg Holy Basil powder (whole plant) for a potent and well balanced vegan capsule that is easy to swallow.

  • CALMING & SOOTHING - Help calm yourself, destress and promote a tranquil mind with this wonderful all natural herb. Each bottle contains 60 easy to swallow vegan capsules with 300 mg of Holy Basil extract and 200mg of Holy Basil powder.
  • IMMUNE BOOST - Research shows that Holy Basil may help boost your immunity and act as a powerful adaptogen. Holy Basil has high nutritional value and contains vitamins A and C, calcium, zinc, iron and is high in anti inflammatory antioxidants.
  • BALANCES ENERGY LEVELS - As an adaptogenic herb, Holy Basil can help balance your stress and energy levels. It is a caffeine free natural supplement that can be taken in the morning or night to help you feel energized during the day but calm and rested at night.
  • SUPPORT AKSHAR AYURVEDA - We are a volunteer driven non profit organization that is focused on improving overall health and quality of life through premium high quality and ethical products that combine the ancient Ayurvedic knowledge of holistic healing with modern production techniques.

Holy Basil is an adaptogen that can help reduce stress, provide natural anxiety relief, and calm your mind to promote feelings of tranquility and overall wellbeing. It can help balance your energy, which means you're more awake during the day, while still being able to fall asleep easily at night.

Holy Basil, also known as Tulsi, has been hailed as, "The Queen of all Herbs" because of its health and spiritual properties. It naturally contains vitamin A, vitamin C, calcium, zinc and other nutrients that can help support your immune system, reduce inflammation and help balance your mind and your mood. Holy Basil contains powerful antioxidants that can help fight acute and chronic inflammation, while supporting adrenal wellness and overall balance of the body and mind. Inflammation can be caused from internal stressors and environmental stressors like pollution and toxins.

*Persons with known medical condition, those who are pregnant, nursing, or taking any medications, should consult their physician before taking herbal supplements. 


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