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Soulflower Indian 100% Natural Kashmiri Rose Soap, USFDA approved, Vegan and Organic (Pack of 2)

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Product Description

  • 100% pure, vegan, organic, handmade, cold-pressed Indian formula
  • Retain natural moisture and hydrate damaged skin
  • Why you should use Soulflower cold-pressed soap: This 100% vegan soap is made from natural herbs, essential oils and vegetable oils. Our soaps are SLS free and don’t contain parabens, sulfates or phthalates.
  • This soap is perfect for all types of skin
  • Ethically made in India. Ships from our USA location in 1-2 business days.

Soulflower Kashmiri Rose Soap is a pure vegan traditional Indian formulation with rose petals, rose oil, olive and castor oil. Vitamin E, essential fatty acids and nutrients rich Soulflower Kashmiri Rose Soap retains the natural moisture of your skin, helping your skin glow and hydrates dry, damaged skin.

Real herbs in soap bar might discolor making the product look different when the customer receives it. The package is double sealed to avoid spillage and to ensure that the product reaches you safely. The product is in only for external use.

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