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Aluminum Non-Stick Hard-Anodized Roti Tawa Griddle Pan with Riveted Handle - 25cm, Grey

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  • Material: Thick Hard Anodized Pan. Our hard anodized process and coat is non-toxic, stain and corrosion resistant.  

  • Free from: PFOA, heavy metals, and nickel

  • Design: Elegant steel handle covered with silicone and firmly riveted to the surface does not get heated or interfere with the cooking surface. In addition, with a thick anodized coating, this Tawa Pan provides durability and does not get scratched on using a metal spatula.

  • Compatibility: Ideal for stove top, gas cooktop, and suitable for most hot plates, infrared cooktops, and ceramic cooktops. 

  • Environmentally friendly

  • Ethically made and quality checked.

  • Locally stocked and shipped from the US. 

This beautiful Wonderchef Hard-Anodized Roti Tawa Griddle Pan with Riveted Handle, is a great addition for your kitchen and for the environment. The thick hard-anodized coating is 2.4 times harder than steel! Non-anodized aluminum can leach harmful metals into your food. In contrast, this tawais non-toxic, non-staining, non-reactive with food and does not release any destructive by-products or chemicals. It is ideal for making Rotis, Phulkas, Chapattis, Parathas, crepe, and tortillas.

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