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My Top Tips for the Holidays

Published by Simi on 17th Dec 2014

- By Simi Sahota 

Let me share with you my top tips for this holiday season:

Last minute gift ideas: Forget a gift? Don’t fret, just take stock of your pantry! Whip up a simple cookie recipe (like this one ), a spice rub, or some trail mix.
Wrap like a pro: Use double sided tape to wrap your gifts and packages. It’ll look clean and professional.
Tape festively: There are plenty of interesting details on tape (like this one ) these days so use something unique or unusual for a creative presentation.
Build a gift card pocket: Learn how to create a pocket for your gift cards with this clever wrapping idea so that they don’t get lost in the mix.

The sweetest place card holders: Glue together three mini candy canes to make inexpensive place card holders for your holiday feast.
 Cookie party prep: If you’re hosting a cookie party this season, purchase inexpensive condiment bottles and fill with frosting for easy cookie decorating.
 Customized hot chocolate: To set your festive gathering apart from others, try a hot chocolate bar. Mix together different combinations of hot chocolate and provide a range of topping options from marshmallows to chocolate chips so guests can get creative with their drinks.
 S’more love: Layer graham crackers, pieces of chocolate, and a few marshmallows and wrap in clear plastic. Tie with twine or decorative ribbon for a quick and easy party favor.

Last minute décor: Don’t have time to put up all the lights this year? Hang some ornaments or glittery snowflakes from any low-hanging chandelier for an instant holiday feel.
 Stay clutter free: Use an old wastepaper basket to keep all of your wrapping paper organized and easy to find in one location.
 Be festive: Turn a coffee filter into a snowflake by folding into thirds and then cutting out shapes. Unfold for your own unique snowflake.
 Make your own wreath: Create a quick and colorful wreath of ornaments in no time with this simple tutorial.

 Pack in an organized fashion: If you’re traveling for the holidays, make sure you roll your clothes as you pack. This gives you more space in your suitcase than folding.
 Save money: Take an empty water bottle with you to the airport. Once you pass security you can fill it up at a water fountain and not have to purchase something more expensive.
 Stay untangled: String necklaces through a drinking straw to make sure they don’t tangle with each other during the course of your journey.

 Take deep breaths: Practice some deep breathing when you feel yourself overwhelmed. It’ll help you relax and stay calm in any hectic holiday situation.
 Stay healthy: This time of year can be tough but keep sneaking in enough water and sleep. Staying hydrated and getting enough rest will help you stay focused and keep your energy level steady. Your body will thank you!
 Be grateful: It’s the season to give and receive so remember what’s important. At the end it’s not about the food or the décor, it’s about your loved ones. Enjoy this time with them.

I’d love to hear how your planning is going so feel free to share your tips, plans, or comments with me @simerjeetsahota. I hope these tips make your holiday season more fun and festive!