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Soulflower Coldpressed 100% Pure Grape seed Healing Hair and Body Oil

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  • 100% pure, vegan, organic Indian formula containing pure grape seed oil.
  • US FDA approved and doesn't contain added synthetic color, harmful chemicals like silicone, or preservatives like Parabens.
  • Grape seed Oil works to control acne by balancing the oils that build up on your face and it clears skin blemishes.
  • Grape seed Oil stops hair fall, heals split ends and heat damaged hair. 

 APPLICATION: Take a small amount of  Soulflower Pure Grape seed Healing Hair&Body Oil and massage directly into scalp, hair, and face. Blend 4-5 drops of any Soulflower Essential Oil in a teaspoon of Soulflower Pure Grape seed Healing Hair&Body Oil & apply for additional benefits.

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