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Soulflower 100% Pure Undiluted Tea Tree Essential Scalp and Skin Oil

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Product Description

  • 100% pure, vegan, organic indian formula extracted from leaves of the tea tree. 
  • US FDA approved. Does not contain added synthetic color, harmful chemicals like silicone, or preservatives like parabens.
  • Benefits for Scalp when diluted include clarifying scalp and removing dandruff
  • Benefits for Skin when diluted include fading acne scars and preventing blemishes
  • For use as essential oil: Use in diffusers, baths, etc perfect for relaxing and easing tension

 The product comes with one free and easy to use dropper. The package is double-sealed to avoid spillage and to ensure that the product reaches you safely.

As is (undiluted), this tea tree oil is perfect for its aromatheraputic benefits. It has relaxing qualities as well as clarifying. Will soothe your sinuses on a stuffy day, as well as remedy stress. Diluted with a base oil, like coconut or castor, you can apply this directly on to your scalp or skin. This will help remove dandruff, flakes, and heal skin.


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