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Wonderchef Granite Die-Cast Aluminum Non-Stick Casserole Set of 3 with Lids, Red

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  • Special long-lasting and eco-friendly non-stick coating allows for healthy cooking with the use of minimal oil!
  • Every casserole is subjected to a 5-step cleaning process with repeated high pressure blasts of hot water, acids and hot air. The pan comes out of this process bathed and cleaned, which ensures that the applied coating goes in smoothly and lasts long. 
  • Die-cast technology let's cookware acquire unique strength and heat retention properties, which means that they never get deformed! The process entails pouring pure molten aluminium in finely cut steel moulds to give world-class cookware.
  • Comes in three different sizes:
    24cm Casserole - 4.5L
    20cm Casserole - 2.3L
    16cm Casserole - 1.15L 

Wonderchef's casserole set comes in 3 different sizes which makes it the perfect set for all occasions! Die-cast manufacturing technology lends unique strength to the metal and these pans never go out of shape. They retain heat better and hold non-stick coating longer. With healthy, long-lasting & eco-friendly non-stick coating, this granite smart cook & serve casserole set comes with stylish design, that looks smart in the kitchen & elegant on the dining table. This casserole set is the perfect solution for healthy and low-fat cooking because of the exceptional coating. The multi-purpose non-stick casserole set of 3 (6-piece set) is ideal for cooking and serving.

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